Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Weekend Recap and Spring Break Activities

We had a nice Easter weekend. The Easter bunny came and litered the backyard with lots of plastic eggs filled with chocolates and some money. Each boy made out with about $4-5. We enjoyed a nice family breakfast and started to finish up the "to-do" list set up on Saturday.
  1. On line traffic school - I finished up all the tests, but then found out that I need to do a final one that either has to be done through an identity website or in front of a notary. I guess there are those who do these to get out of having a ticket go on their record, but have someone else take the tests for them. So I need to figure out which way I want to go and get this wrapped up this week.
  2. Taxes - Done! Filed! Now we just wait for the refunds to show up in the checking account. The Fed should be in there by the 24th of the month...but the state of California will be delayed because they said they are out of money and cannot pay back the tax refund. We'll see what really happens.
  3. Robert's projects - it sounds like there are 2 projects that are due on or before the end of spring break, 1 that is due at the end of April and the last due at the end of May. He did work on the Mid-Evil Knight power point, which he needs to email to his teacher.
  4. Matthew - took breaks from the computer to read 30+ minutes and play with legos. I did request that he write a few thank you notes, but that didn't get anywhere. Maybe I will try today.
  5. Garden - it has been weeded, cleaned up and replanted with tomato plants, 1 green bean plant, a couple of new strawberry plants and some more flowers planted under the humming bird feeder.
  6. Lawn - it is mowed, fertilized and the sprinklers are up and running.
  7. Need to sit and stitch as much as possible to enjoy my time & spring break!!!!
And the last one...stitching...I have been working on Donna's RR trying to finish the heart I chose and get my name/state stitched on there. Last night I sat down after dinner and got the heart done, now I will just need to find the color she has requested, and get my name/state done so that I can get it in the mail tomorrow (on tax day - should be a fun day to run to the post office :)).

I have also beenworking on "Wish, Dream, Hope and Believe". I almost have the boarder done and hoping to have a photo posting tomorrow.

First Day of Spring Break (Monday 4/13)
Yesterday was the first "official" day of the boys spring break. It was a nice, relaxing day we all had. Robert and I took a morning walk down to his school, where he ran a mile on the track. He is on the school track team and wanted to take Spring break to work on his times and get in some running. The boys enjoyed a picnic breakfast in the office, which I spun on the exercycle and they played some sort of computer game where they could meet eachother in cyberspace. After lunch, I worked with Robert to clean out his closet - after 2 and 1/2 large black trash bags filled with stuff, we took a break and he worked on his histroy project while Matthew read his book. Later in the afternoon, before dinner, the boys and I got out of the house - they rode their bikes and I walked our dog. We all got a good work out and were ready to come home for dinner. It was a nice relaxing day.

Second Day of Spring Break (Today, Tuesday, 4/14)
Today Robert and I have our 6 month dentist appointment around noon. So, since we will all be out and about, we are going to use this day for errands. The boys need new tennis shoes and hair cuts - and I would like to find a nice but inexpensive shelf unit for Robert's room to put all his trophies and medals from hockey tournaments. I am trying to get this boys room uncluttered. His closet looks better, but on top of his chest there is a lot of "clutter". So that is the plan for today.

It is definitely nice to have this break from all the "going-going-going". Sorry for the rambling this morning...hope you will comback to view my finished stitching projects tomorrow!!!

Remember...Live, Love, Laugh and stitch often! Lisa

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Chris said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, I was on the Arizona trip you've read about. Love your blog, I'll add your blog to my blog list. You were in NC when I was in Arizona. Sounds like you were in Charlotte, I'm in Raleigh. And I see you're in the Friendship RR. Carolyn was working on someone's Friendship RR last night at stitch night at my local cross stitch shop. Hugs and have a great day.