Saturday, September 27, 2014

It's a doggie-dog world...but we are making due :)

Just thought I would start my post with a "hello" from our old dog, Bruno. He is so happy to get a new bed. Bruno is a very old dog - 13 years old - and his poor joints aren't what they use to be. Prior to this bed, we actually gave him the boys' old crib mattress, as it was only taking up room in our closet. Well, Bruno's claws finally shredded the baby crib mattress to bits and pieces after using if for a little over a year. So after cleaning up his "bedroom", we purchased this nice soft doggie bed. He was very happy to get it.

Anyway, yesterday I did muster up the courage to start stitching the burning bush onto the torah panel. Here is where I am right now...

Each time I designed it on my iPad and then stitched it (the practice burning bush and the one that is being stitched on the panel) the outline of the bush and the flames slightly changed. But I like how the outline came out on the panel. 

I decided to stitch the outline using 3 strands of floss, just like the hebrew lettering; and I stuck with the moss color. For the flames, I am going to use just the magenta-red color (#816) and gold (#729), but I am going to stitch with only 2 strands to give it more of an airy, light, watercolor like feeling.

I appreciated the comments from Shelly and Cucki. While I loved their ideas, I, unfortunately couldn't use a brown to stitch the burning bush because it wasn't an approved color listed on the Torah Stitch by Stitch website. They want the entire torah scroll, which will consist of over 1400 panels stitched by over 1400 people, to look uniform. So we just had 7 colors on the approved color list. None were brown and none were orange, which really would have helped the flame appearance. Oh, well, I am making due. :)

Today, after working in our store...where I dipped the strawberries, apples and bananas dipped in was time to get home and feed our youngest son so he will be energized for his hockey game this afternoon. 

Time to sign off...hope your weekend is off to a good start. Until next time, take care and remember...
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often!

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