Monday, August 12, 2013

Hello from the East Coast - College Visit - Bowdoin and Colby

Hello from the East Coast...Hadley, Massachusetts to be exact which is really the 3rd city we have been to today.

To do a little catching up, Robert (my older son) and I left on Sunday morning from California at 7am, landed at JFK airport in New York around 3:18pm NY time and then FINALLY took off again...2 hours late...heading for Portland, Maine. This is our BIG Mother-Son trip out east to visit colleges.

After trying to get a good nights sleep at the Comfort Inn in Brunswick, Maine...

 I woke up early and got in a 8-mile jog walk around Maine Street (guess when you are in the State of is Maine street with an "e" at the end) and these are the sights I saw:
Gotta love the Crabby Lobstah Wagon. Probably had great Lobstah rolls!

Joshua Chamberlain...a Civil War General and a professor of Rhetoric at Bowdoin College...above is his house and below is a statue of him.

After jogging around the Bowdoin College Campus, I got a feel for where we needed to go to park for the college tour and information session which Robert and I were going to attend a little later this morning. So I headed out back down Maine Street and here were a few other sights I ran by...


When I explore new places, I love to look at the houses. These seem to be ones that I would associate with New England Style Houses.


Once I got back to the hotel room, Robert was getting around for breakfast. He saw that he got an email from the Bowdoin Hockey Head Coach, which stated that he could meet with us at we got ready a little quicker so that we be on time for this very important meeting. We had a great meeting with the coach. Learned about the Bowdoin hockey program and found out what Robert needed to do when applying to the school and "trying out" for a spot on the hockey team.

After that meeting, it was time to catch up to the campus tour. The campus is beautiful...
Bowdoin Art Gallery
The Chapel on Bowdoin

The Admissions Office

Robert standing by the Bowdoin Polar Bear
During the tour...we walked through the Student Union, the Science building, one of the student dorms and a few other buildings. After the tour, we went to the information session to learn more about the student life on campus, the academics and the admissions process. All good info.

Once the session was over, we made our way back to the student union for a little can't leave a perspective college without purchasing a T-shirt and hoodie, right? Then it was time to find lunch.

Ok...when in Maine, do what the Mainers lobstah! We found this great small shake right on the side of the highway.

The small inside area, had the counter you order at and then the tanks which held the fresh crab, shrimp, lobster and clams.

Once we placed our order, Robert and I sat outside and waited until our little plastic lobster lit up and buzzed.

And here is lunch....
Top right = Fresh New England Clam Chowdar
Below the Chowdah = 1 pound of fresh steamed clams
Below the Clams = 1.5 pounds of fresh steamed lobster (with a side of slaw)
Below the Lobstah = a freshly lobstah roll and fries
After we polished off all that seafood, we were headed an hour north of Brunswick - to Colby College in Waterville, ME.


The large lawn in from of the Colby Library
Robert with the Colby White Mule
It took us a little longer to get to Colby than we thought it would (plus we took a few wrong turns) but we made it there for 1/2 of the information session and a full campus tour. Colby is, also, a very beautiful school with a strong focus in academics. The campus is a little more spread out and larger than Bowdoin. Unfortunately, because we added Colby to our college visit itinerary so late, Robert didn't get a reply to an email from the hockey coach as of late so we were not able to meet him or have a full tour of the hockey facilities. However, after the campus tour, Robert and I did walk over to the athletic area of the campus and we peeked into the hockey area, which is very nice. After the routine shopping trip at the college bookstore for a treasured T-Shirt, we were on our way...

A 5 hour drive from Maine, through a small part of New Hampshire and then west to where we are this evening...Hadley, MA. Tomorrow: Amherst and Williams.

Until then, take care and remember...

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often!

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CalamityJr said...

Such beautiful campuses! Now I'm reminiscing about those college visits; I enjoyed them just like you seem to be. I have at least one more, though - my daughter has just moved to begin her career as a university professor. Kudos to both of our wonderful children! Enjoy the rest of your trip and get home safely.