Thursday, August 15, 2013

College visit out east - Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vermont

Hello from Middlebury, VT. Robert and I arrived in Middlebury Tuesday evening early enough to check into our hotel, grab a bite to eat and run to the grocery store to stock our room with water and snacks. As probably already mentioned in previous post, we will be here until Friday (tomorrow) for Robert is attending a college hockey camp here at Middlebury College. It has been very nice to unpack a little has stay in one place for a few days. Say that, here is what we were up to yesterday - Wednesday, August 14.

Since check in for the hockey camp didn't start until 10am, Robert decided to sleep in...but not me! I went out for a nice jog/walk to get a sense of the town and the campus. So off I went, in search of the college...
It didn't take too long to jog there, as the town of Middlebury is also the campus and the campus is basically the town (make sense?). Anyway, here are a few buildings around the campus. Many of these New England Division 3 schools tend to have the basic red brick buildings, with white columns and black shutters, but here are Middlebury there are more buildings build of a white stone as well as a few unique ones that I found.

All over the green grassy grounds of the campus, one will find hundreds of Adirondack chairs scattered throughout. Vermont is known for their handmade cedar Adirondack chairs, so I guess it makes sense that you would find them here. I can definitely see students sitting together in these chairs, deep in discussion, while overlooks some of the beautiful views the Middlebury campus offers.
One of the many Adirondack chairs scattered throughout the Middlebury Campus
One example of the beautiful view of the green mountains and the valley below.
Through the middle of the town of Middlebury, runs the Otter Creek...I ran across the bridge to the other side of the town and there was a farmer's market being set up yesterday morning in the parking lot of the Historic Marble Works Complex. 

And just a few other buildings and things that caught my eye as I was out yesterday on my jog/walk...I loved this old building with all the sunflowers growing around it... I mentioned, aside from visiting Middlebury and learning about it's curriculum (which we still need to do), we did come here for the hockey camp. So, after getting back from my jog/walk, Robert and I headed over to the Middlebury Hockey Arena where we checked into the camp. His team started out with an on-ice practice, followed by conditioning and then later in the early evening his team scrimmaged with one of the other teams. The group of players attending the camp are divided up into 4 teams and they will scrimmage each other throughout the camp.

After Robert's game was over, we met up with my cousin - David - and his girlfriend who live here in Middlebury. Both of them are graduates from the college and decided to stay here in Middlebury. We enjoyed a late dinner at a place called American Flatbread. It was wonderful flatbread pizza, made with all things from Vermont.

Today...Thursday, August 15...after dropping off Robert at the camp, I again went out to explore Middlebury a little more as I went out for an 11 mile jog/walk. Today I came across their covered bridge...
 This covered bridge also crosses over Otter Creek...

My morning jog took me around the town and I ended up back at the campus and the athletic field, where I found the Middlebury Panther looking over it's domain...kind of reminded me of the Lion King.

Middlebury Panther looking over the athletic field - football field below - Green Mountains in the background
 From there I wondered around on the campus again and through Main Street and down by Frog Hallow Alley where my cousin David lives. Below is the little apartment complex, which is a historic build built in 1869. It was a boarding house...and he lives on the bottom floor (the part which is made of stone). Pretty neat, huh?

Tonight, cousin David and his girlfriend are making us dinner. Nice to travel and meet up with family, don't you think?

Well, time to sign off. I got to jump in the shower and get a start on my day. Until next time, take care and remember...

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often!


cucki said...

truly so beautiful x

CalamityJr said...

Thanks, Lisa, for sharing your journey. I really am enjoying seeing all these schools through your eyes.