Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Morning Blues

Where did the weekend go? Does anyone know? It certainly went by in a minute it was Friday and we were grilling burgers and pork chops and then the next minute I was up making school lunches for my boys. Ugh!

Well, the weekend wasn't all that bad. I did work in our store much of the weekend, giving my DH some well deserved time off from being "on call" as we put it. We have a couple new employees who we have started training to close the store. One is still very new at all the closing procedures as well as too new to be dealing with all the afternoon things on her own (i.e. answering the phones, taking new orders, producing arrangements, dipping fruit, helping to coordinate the delivery routes and working the delivery drivers, etc). So I felt it was wise of me to stay at the store until between 3-4pm on Saturday. That is about the time that we stop taking same day delivery orders and begin cleaning up. It was pretty busy for a Saturday, starting off with a very large Grand Confetti Cupcake - Party Size:
There was definitely a lot of fruit in this arrangement, including the cupcake pineapple shapes dipped in chocolate with sprinkles. The customer ordered it for an 8:30am pickup.

I did get in some stitching over the weekend. Between watching some of the March Madness games (due to having KU - Kansas University Jayhawk - blood in me) and The Bible series on the History Channel. Here is the status of the Owl Heart #2:
It is coming a long. I just need to finish filling it in with the lighter lavender (DMC #211) and then fill in the Owl's eyes (DMC #white). Once done, this heart will be complete and then I can move onto heart #3. I am going to make one for my mother and my 2 sisters. However, I need to get this one complete so that I can get my stitching stuff ready to travel. On Friday night, I leave with my youngest, Matthew, on the 8th grade trip to Washington DC...but more about that later in the week.

This weekend I had a difficult time getting in some exercise...I unfortunately was a little under the weather, as well as working in the store. The allergy symptoms that my DH had might have actually been a cold as I was hit was a nasty sore throat and seem to lack some energy to do any real exercise. However, I did take a nice walk with our dog while my older son was getting in his 4 miles as required by his track coach. The path Bruno (the dog) and I took was lined with a lot of the crab apple trees still in bloom. I definitely love this time of the year...
With so many of these blooming trees around, the wind storm we had on Friday afternoon/early evening made many of the white petals fall to the ground...thus there was this feeling like we were having a snow flurry...minus the cold and the dampness. Do you see the white petals all over the ground in the photo below?

Well, that is all I have for you today. Off I go, getting ready to get in my Monday run/walk before the real day begins. Although, I have already fed the boys, made their breakfast, made my bed, folded all the laundry from this weekend and make my grocery list. 

Until next time...take care and remember,

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often!


Vonna Pfeiffer said...

WoW! That arrangement looks delicious! ;)
And your flowering trees and weather looks very spring-like, unlike the wintery blast that hit us this weekend :)
Love your stitching too!

Carolyn NC said...

Love that delicious looking food order! Nice stitching!