Thursday, November 10, 2011

No Stitching...but a new addition

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Well, I am going to disappoint you...I was not successful in sitting my self down on the couch to stitch. I allowed too many things to get in my way; time sucker was not My Town 2 (I liked Nancy's suggestion of finding my LNS and creating that business in my little fantasy town)
However, I was busy using my hands to put something together, though
to create something that is my "drug of choice"...

Yesterday I mentioned that my stationary bike had died.
A good morning spin...a first thing in the morning my "drug of choice"
and a non-working stationary bike wasn't giving me that high any more
After 20 years the electronics shorted out
One of the first pieces of "furniture" DH & I purchased with our wedding money,
20 years ago, is now RIP
(the other purchase we made was our King Size bed, which we still have and really
need to replace as well)
That old stationary bike helped me sweat out stress, get rid of pregnancy weight and keep away
the "spread" one can get after the age of 40
Numberous times we replaced the chain
Several occasions we cleaned up the inside and put in a new part
But the short in the dash board, the brain of the old machine
was unfixable and we had to put ol'bike out of its misery.

So, yesterday afternoon, DH drove around to some of the local exercise equiptment
business and browsed to see what they had in stock
I surfed around the computer to see what I could find as well
After several phone calls, research on the computer and visits to stores
I settled on this:
Diamondback 510UB
So, instead of sitting and stitching, I was helping DH assemble the bike so that I could get up this morning and get in my sweaty, start to the day...which I am doing as I type out this post.
But I hear the needle and thread call my name...I feel the itch in my fingers to make those X's...
hopefully tonight is the night!

Take care my friends - thank you for all your comments and the stitching mojo you are sending...I do feel it!
Until tomorrow, remember...
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often


jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

well if you can stitch and peddle I'm NOT.
Have fun with the new toy
Be always in stitches.

Periwinkle Ink said...

Lisa, I so admire your discipline with your spinning. And so happy for your new "toy" (or should I say torture equipment? ha,ha!) I believe you're the only person I know that WANTS to exercise and commits to it every day. You SOOOooo have my admiration for that.

And also, your commitment to your boys and their hockey careers. You're very lucky to be able to accompany them to all the new locales they play in, and experience their joy in their passion.

And I also love to see your stitching. A friend of mine has 2 girls who are swimmers, and, like you, has all that practice time to stitch. So envious of all that time, but not of getting up in the wee hours.

Looking forward to your blogaversary!


cucki said...

nice..have fun with it xxx