Saturday, October 16, 2010

OMG...what a week!

Was it really just last Sunday night that I got back from the St. Louis trip? Was it really Monday that I went back to work, the kids back to school and the last time that I posted? It has just been crazy around here...just when I thought that I could come home from a hockey and family reunion weekend and just catch up, the damn opens and there is more work to deal with...

But before I whine about all the craziness, first I want to thank you for the wonderful comments regarding my trip to St. Louis. Yes, my grandmother is 92 and my mother is young too. Good genes perhaps? Or maybe because my grandmother keeps active and has a very good social lifestyle...and  maybe because my mother exercises 7 days aweek, eats healthy, takes her vitamins and keeps a positive attitude. Well, whatever it is - there were no typos! Those were photos of my grandmother and my mother!

Also, as promised, here is the status of my Family Sampler.
I have just about finished the foundation of my house...just one more row on top and then I will add the roof. Building the foundation of a household/family - love, caring, respect, support, honesty, etc - is important. It is what holds you up during times of sorrow, uncertainty...times of stress. Every marriage and every family has its hills and valleys. I know that in my and DH's marriage (it will be 20 years next April...and we started dating the first week of our freshman year in I have been with this guy for 25 years...more than 1/2 my lifetime) we have experienced both ups and downs - but our love, support & respect for one another keeps us going - - - - which is a good thing because it has kept us plugging away during our crazy week!

Ok...the week...take a deep breathe.
Cleansing breath in...and let it out.
Cleansing breath in....and let it out.

We are 2 weeks away from owning our own business, which DH has been working hard on getting all the forms filled out; information filed with the different departments of different levels of government; meeting with lawyers, CPAs, brokers; (deep breath in...and let out) dealing with setting up business checking accounts and other accounts, etc. And as co-owner, I have been helping him out where I between working outside the house, doing laundry, feeding the kids, preping for hockey practices, etc.

Crazy ain't it?!?!?!

And then on top of that...on the hockey related side of life...Robert's team has been accepted into the Medicine Hat Hockey Hounds 38th Annual Bantam Tournament which is next month. Because of the travel logistics, the fact that many of the boys travel w/o parents and they will be crossing the Canadian border it is important to make reservations for the whole group to travel up there, together, and then make it back home. This is what I was working on yesterday all afternoon - it took longer due to the flight that we wanted to get onto coming back home was full. I have arranged for the team to get up to Calgary/Medicine Hat, but still struggling with the details to get them back home. Oh, I know I am dumping on you...and I know that it will all work out...but right now my head is still spinning from trying to get it all organized (challenges of a team manager :)) Thank you for listening!

Well, I will let you go and end this crazy post. I hope that you all had a good week and that your weekend is filled with laughter, fun and love.

Take care and remember...
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!


jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

You are one VERY busy woman, and I get tired out just knowing what you are up to. And the fact that you still find time to stitch...WOW.
Be always in stitches.

valerie said...

Seriously Lisa! I'm busy but you are crazy busy! I'm glad to see that you are still taking a few minutes here and there to stitch and relax. It sounds like you have a lot on your plate. I hope that everything goes smoothly with your business launch and getting all those boys back home from Canada. *hugs!*

Cole said...

Yay, they got in!! I'm going to have to find out if my nephew is in, he mentioned Medicine Hat when he was talking about all their travel spots... If the weather's good maybe I'll need to take a road trip!

Good luck with all the last minute details with business ownership. I'm sure everything will fall into place just like it should :)

Bev said...

i honestly don't know when you get time to stitch, but i love the progress on the family sampler, hope the next few days runs smoothly for you

Siobhan said...

Good luck with the business stuff! Sounds crazy busy but a good crazy busy. :) I love your stitchy WIP! That is such a pretty sampler. I enjoyed seeing your family photos, too.