Monday, December 7, 2009

The weather out side is frightful...

Wow, did the rain come down last night. Several times I was woken up by it as it hit the windows...but I did manage to get myself out of bed (30 minutes later than I wanted to) and on the exercise bike this morning. I am waiting for it to get light outside so I can see what it is doing out there. The weather forcasters are saying that we might have gotten snow in the lower elevations (below 1000ft...we live around 343ft) - but since it is in the low 30s, I am sure that we will see some snow in the high hills that surround us where we live. We have one large hill (over 3849 feet) named Mt. Diablo that will get snow during the winter rainy season when it is cold enough - that is when this area really reminds me of Colorado (without the large quantity of snow). I will try to get some photo of the area if there is any snow to be seen.

Yesterday I posted the winner of my 1st blog give-away...Bev. Congrats!

I hope your weekend was good. I seemed to have had the blahs, feeling a little achy and not quite myself. There seem to be a lot of crud going around right now...and not just H1N1 (news reports are saying that reported cases are going down). Matthew (younger son and my "Vanna White" yesterday when he pulled the give-away name out of the Hockey Helmet), had 2 hockey games over the weekend and his team won both. So they are still in first place for the league games. Robert (older son) just had a practice on Sunday...otherwise he spent most of Saturday doing weekend homework.

While at the rink for a game on Saturday, I knew that one of my blogging buddies (Branlaadee) lived in that area. So I left a comment on her blog and she was kind enough to drop by the rink.  It is so funny how we all identify each other - for I arrived first and was sitting at one of the tables, visiting with some of the other hockey moms, when Branlaadee walked up with her plastic zipper stitching pouch...looking for the "universal sign" of a fellow stitcher...another zipper stitching pouch.

We spent time chatting - getting to know each other. It is so cool to meet other stitching and blogging buddies. I hope that we are able to find sometime and meet again...this time in a place that is conducive to stitching and chatting :)

Saturday I spent a good amount of the day stitching on MW and here is my progress so far:

I was able to get in a few stitches yesterday, but didn't get the 1st motif completed as I had hoped. Since this will probably just remain an @ HOME PROJECT, I will be taking Deborah's Friendship RR and other little projects to the rink tonight as Robert's team has practice.

Thank you for stopping by - I hope you have a great week! Remember...
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often! Lisa


valerie said...

Your MW is looking great! I can't believe there is snow in the Bay Area! I wish I could take a little trip to Danville right now.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

We actually got our first flury action this morning and I am in Ont.Can. I am sure it will hit fast and furrious now that the weather is plummiting downward to our typical winter temperatures. Love your blog.
Be always in stitches

Bev said...

How lucky are you t live near a blogging buddie. I don't know anybody in the' actual' world that stitches everyone thinks I am sad. So yes I am and proud of it lol. And my stitching goes with me too though I not allowed to take it to work as the kids at school wouldn't get fed!

CindyMae said...

Sounds like Matthews team is doing great, that is awesome!! Your progress looks wonderful!! We rarely have snow and ice here. Maybe 5 days out of the winter it will actually feel like winter. Not so much this time! LOL We have had snow, although not much and we have had and are having ice and it is COLD!! But I love winter, so bring it on! LOL

Branlaadee said...

Lisa, I had a great time visiting with you too! Hope we can do it again sometime.