Sunday, December 20, 2009

MW update in a quick "fly by" posting

Thought I would do a quick post this afternoon and upload a picture of my status on MW. While I started out with a conversion (from the DMC to GAST) staying somewhat true to the colors, I have decided that I didn't like some of the conversions and some of there just didn't work with the color of my as I stitch I have been changing up some of the colors. I am enjoying stitching on this, though! In fact, while I did say that this would be a "at home" project...I purchased a large plastic zipper pouch so that it transported to the rinks with ease, so I have also been working on it a little while at the hockey rinks. 
Robert (older son) is at the rink this morning - DH took him...Matthew (younger son) has practice later today.
Friday, the boys finished up school for the year, getting out early for their start of the holiday break. DH came home early and we went to see the new movie Avatar in 3D. It really was a fun movie that I recommend if you are looking for an adventure/fantasy movie with a lot of special effect. I really liked fact we all did, as long as DH didn't put too much of a political slant on some of the story lines :) It was a nice start for our holiday break.
Tomorrow, the boys and I will just veg out at home until time for hockey practice in the evening. Most of my prepping for Santa is done. Still need to make the Special Santa Krinkle Cookies, which I will either do today or tomorrow. Santa is still a very popular person for my 13yr old and 10 yr old, so we continue to feed that popularity (does that make sense?). Little by little elves have delivered things to the house (aka mailmen & FedEx) and hopefully the wrapping elves will visit throughout the week and not wait until the last minute to make an appearance - for that usually causes too much stress on Christmas Eve :)

Well, just wanted to stop by and say "hi"
Take care everyone and remember...
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often


Cole said...

Great progress on MW Lisa, looks beautiful!! I know what you mean about the wrapping elves, I hope they get busy over here too!! ;)

valerie said...

Great progress Lisa! I finally sat and stitched on her this weekend but am still on the first motif. Hopefully lots more happens this coming weekend. :)

CindyMae said...

Your progress is looking wonderful and the colors choices look great! I could really use a couple elves around here helping me out!! LOL