Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Still here and ready to share...

This weeks seems to be going by quickly - can't believe that my last post was last Friday; but it is holiday season and hockey season, so life has been a little crazy here in Durst Manor.

Hockey 1First (lets get a little hockey out of the way), last weekend was very trying for me - the mom/the wife. Robert (older son) participated in a special tryout, which was based on & for individual efforts vs. for a team (which to save you all from boredom, I will not try to explain the opportunity he was tryout for - just note that it was for a great opportunity, which he will have an opportunity to tryout for next year). Based on my note in the parenthesis, you probably guessed that he didn't get picked; however, he did get chosen as an "alternate" (to "fill a spot" if someone should not be able to go to the next round of tryouts the end of January).Let's just say that I had two sets of hurt male egos in my house - my upset child and my angry husband. After time and much consoling both, the house finally got to a "managable" level of emotion late Sunday evening. However, there really wasn't anyone here to console me so I did a little tear shed after everyone went to bed. I realized for the first time, that my children are getting to the age where things might not go their way and they will be sad, disappointed and "hurt"...the kind of "hurt" I will not be able to put a bandaid on it and "kiss & make better". This was a great learning and growing opportunity for us all.

Now for some "Show and Tell"....
I received an email from Heather saying that she received the ornament I stitched for her - for our personal ornament exchange; so without further ado, here is the ornament:

Lizzie Kate's "Chill Out"
Fabric: Lt. Blue Jobelean 28ct (?)
Thread: noted Gentle Arts or substitutions from stash
Stitched 1 over 1
(Heather posted a comment about how some designers seem to be creating designs that seem too large to be hung on the I decided to stitch 1 over 1 so that it would be "ornament size" LOL)

And...on the same day that Heather received mine, I received hers (perfect timing don't you thinkBrows)
I tore into the package as quick as I could...isn't it adorable. It brought JOY to me and my Christmas tree! I love it! There is something special about hanging ornaments when they are handmade, especially from special stitching blogging friends!!!!
And here is a photo of both Heathers and Anglea P's ornaments I received for our personal ornament exchange hanging on my Christmas tree. Arn't they awesome!

I am so lucky and grateful for having participated with these women in an ornament exchange. Thank you!

One more day of work for me (I am off until January 4th, when the boys go back to school) and 1-1/2 days for the boys (they get out of school Friday at noon)...and then the holidays will really feel like they are here!

Thank you all for visiting. Hope your week is going well. Just remember...
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!

Christmas Lights


valerie said...

Cute ornies!! I'm so jealous you have a mini-vacation coming up! You're going to get *way* ahead of me on MW! :)

Lisa said...

Lovely ornie's! I'm sure your tree will have a few more cross stitched ornie's next year too!

CindyMae said...

Love both ornies. Your finishing is so cute! The ones that you have received look wonderful on your tree!

Pumpkin said...

Great job, both of you :o)

Rachel S said...

Those are darling. I am noticing that more of the ornaments are ENORMOUS. I wonder why?

Carol's Stitching said...

The ornies are beautiful! :) I agree with you; I love the look of handmade ornaments on a tree. Sorry to hear about your son's disappointment; my kids are also reaching the age where the harder lessons in life are starting to be taught. Very hard for a Mom to see disappointment on their child's face.... Hugs!

Angela P said...

Wonderful ornie you stitched for Heather as well as the one you rec'd from Heather too! I love homemade ornies on my tree, I'll post a pic of my tree to prove it! LOL :)