Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A win... A list...some weather...and much appreciation

Good MorningGood morning (or afternoon) dear friends, I hope that Tuesday finds you well. I was able to get in my early start - on the bike spinning, catching up on my Farmville on FB, reading and commenting on dear friend blogs and updating mine. Sounds like a good productive morning.

Yesterday I got an email from Edgar from Blacksheep's Bit of the Web. I really enjoy reading his blog because of the treasure hunts (aka Estate Sales) he goes on all over San Fran - he really should be a tour guide, for I haven't been to many of the places he mentions...when we go to San Fran, we typically play "tourist" and only make it from Pier 1 (Ferry Building) to Pier 41 (Fisherman's Wharf). I think that we need to get out and explore a little. Well...back to the reason for the email...I WON the Sail Away give-a-way! I watched/read Edgar's stitching progress of this design and then when he posted that he was going to pass it on - I entered the drawing. I am glad that I exercised will power when I was at NiaH on Sunday - because I saw the kit there and thought about it.

And now for my stitching "to do" list (more for my acknowledgment - but sometimes it is better to make it public in order to commit):
  1. Finish Trick or Treat - so that I can actually enjoy it a little before the Halloween decorations have to come down
  2. Lizzie Kate Exchange - mail date: November 1
  3. CindyMae Quaker Christmas Ornaments models - due October 29
  4. Personal Orn Exchange (Heather) - November 15
  5. Personal Orn Exhange (Angela) - November 24
WetBoy...we had another bad rain storm, right in time for "going home traffic". Or for me, it was "driving to the hockey rink traffic". From home to San Jose typically takes 35-45 minutes depending on the level of traffic - but yesterday it took 1hour and 15 minutes. Robert (older son) was able to finish an English paper in the car, take a 30 minute nap and change into his hockey gear in the back seat. Thank goodness that we left at 4 - for we did make it and Robert stepped on the ice just as the clinic was starting. However, when considering all the time it too us to get to the rink (1 hour 15 min) and the time that it took us to get home (another hour and 15 minutes)...the clinic was only an hour long. Doesn't seem like a really good investment in time (or gas) does it? And on top of all that, Robert still had homework to do when he got home; which he finished up at 10pm.

Thank you all for being here, your supports and comments. I couldn't believe when I saw that I had 10 comments on my last post, I think that was the most I have ever received since I have been blogging. Thank you all so much, it really does mean a lot! Well, I have to leave you right now - I hope that you have a wonderful Tuesday and remember...
Live, Love, Laugh
Stitch Often!


valerie said...

Congratulations on winning the Sail Away pattern from Edgar's giveaway. How exciting! Sounds like you're busy with stitching commitments!

I got stuck in the rain too...really heavy leaving work and heading to my class! Glad you made it home safe and sound.

Cole said...

We got the rain here last night too, but it was cold! I went to go to work this morning and the van was covered with ice with the sliding doors frozen shut! The poor kids had to climb in through the passenger door & into the back :)

Have a great day!

Kielrain said...

found you from Edgar's blog. wanted to congratulate you on the sail away chart. :)

Branlaadee said...

Lisa, I am glad you are feeling better after your procedure last week. Congratulations on your win! Good thing you didnt pick it up the other day. LOL

Next time you are stuck in the rain on the way to San Jose, stop at Fremont and I'll make you a cup of tea and the boys some hot chocolate!