Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Show and Tell..."yes" we have some photos

Well, as promised, here is a photo of "Trick or Treat" - I am all the way to the "k".
And here are some close ups of the detail. I love the way the letters and the little characters look when they are outlined (backstitched) in black. It really makes the design "pop".

My favorite letter so far is the C...the 'man in the moon'.

So - there you go...I kept my promise :)

Now, another quick show and tell. Throughout the month of September Cameo held a daily give-a-way, kind of a great opportunity for her to do some stash cleaning and some of us to increase our stash. Today I received my package of all the winnings I won. It was like Christmas.

So that is my "Show and Tell" for you today.
Hope your Wednesday is going to go finish folding laundry before the boys get home.


Mel said...

Great work on trick or treat. It is such a cute pattern! :)

Also lovely winnings! Do enjoy.

valerie said...

Woo! It's like christmas! What great stash! I like how your ToT is coming along. C is my favorite letter so far too. :)

CindyMae said...

Trick or Treat looks amazing!!! I love it!!! What an awesome package of goodies you won! Congrats!!!

Mich said...

Your "trick" is really beautiful. I guess it was a really nice one to make with all the bright colours !!

Angela P said...

Wonderful new stash! I love the I in Trick, the Witch hat is too cute :)

Carolyn NC said...

So cute - great job. Lovely stash win!

Chiloe said...

I'm following your progress and that one and I really love it a lot !!!

Congrats on your win ;-)

Janaina said...

What a beautiful pattern!!! Love it! "C" is also my fave letter! =)
Hugs from sunny Brazil!