Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Mid-Week Update

Stationary BikeUp and going early this morning, which is a good thing as I did manage to sleep in yesterday morning. I am not a coffee drinker, so unless I can get up and get in a good spin in the morning before life starts, I feel like that is about how my day went yesterday. While I got a lot of stitching in over the weekend, I really haven't touched a needle Monday or Tuesday (and I do owe you a photo of Trick or Treat).

The last two days are a blur. Both evenings Robert (older son) had hockey practice, which always takes time to organize the family's evening to accomodate that activity, especially when I need to drive down to the rink. He has practice tonight as well, but thank goodness for carpools....I do not have to drive to San Jose!!! Anyway, all this practicing this week leads up to another tournament for him and his team. Tomorrow evening DH and Robert are leaving for Colorado (I get to stay home this time - yahoo!) and they will be gone until Sunday evening. Having this time at home with Matthew (younger son) is always welcomed. This year, with both boys in travel hockey again, DH and I will probably do more alternating the travel. Last year, as team manager of Robert's team, there seemed more need for me to travel - but this year, things are a little more laid back with more of the families stepping up to help out. Also, DH said that he would be ok doing the "check in" stuff required at tournaments. So, that frees me up to spend time with Matthew more this year and give DH the opportunity to travel with Robert and see him play. Now if we can just find a time when DH and I get to travel and leave the boys behind.Wink

Well...don't want to bore you anymore. I will try to get a picture of Trick or Treat posted this afternoon to show you the status of it. Boy...when the back stitching is done things really come alive!

Take care...and until next time remember: Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often! Lisa

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CindyMae said...

Not boring at all! I love to read about you and your family. Finding time to travel without the kids . . . does that really happen for anyone!! LOL!!!