Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy July...turn on the airconditioning and stitch, until the frogs visit

Summer seems to have arrived with a vengeance! It is HOT. When one goes outside, it feels like you have walked into a blast-furnace. Not that I have entered a blast-furnace; but if I did, I am sure that this is what it would feel like. Our poor airconditioner, it seems to be working over time. We have shut all the blinds to keep the direct sunlight out of the house and turned up the thermostat to 72-73 degrees.

Anyway, all my boys came home from Colorado last Thursday evening. Everyone had a terrific time. My DH and older son, Robert, enjoyed hiking in the mountains and fishing for trout; while my younger son, Matthew, enjoyed his time at the hockey development camp he attended. And I? Well, I enjoyed my days working in the store, my early evenings vegging at the house waiting for the stores to close - which signify that all the deliveries were made and everything is ok - and my nights catching up on my netflix TV shows.

Anyway, we are kind of back to normal...with a little different routine as the boys are now attending a hockey clinic from 8-1 four days a week which my DH and I are balancing with the business.

Nevertheless, over this last weekend, since it was just too hot to go outside and do anything, we did have a quiet weekend and I got some stitching done. Out came LHN's "Sampler Months" - February.

Well, on Sunday afternoon, I thought I was doing well. I got the February border basically complete and started on the inside...finished the row of hearts and then started on the next row...almost completed it and then realized I stitched it in the WRONG color. It was NOT suppose to be snowball (white) WAS suppose to be stitched using the color Joshua Tree (medium green). 

Oh Bother...time to...

And rip that darn white I did...and immediately threaded my needle with the Joshua Tree and within a few minutes...

Phew! That is what it is suppose to look like. Wow, now it is right! Now I can move to the next part.

Well, hopefully I have sent the frogs a'packing, keeping their visit short and sweet!

Until next time, remember...

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!


cucki said...

oh dear..naughty frog...
sweet stitches..
hugs x

Penny said...

Glad you beat those nasty old frogs! :) Hope your weather cools down a little!

Cathie J said...

Frogs are taking over I believe. I've got a lot of them over my way too.