Sunday, July 15, 2012

Just a Sunday Surf-by

My older son, Robert, and my DH has been in Chicago since Thursday afternoon. They travelled there so Robert could participate in an open camp for the Jr Hockey team called the Topeka Roadrunners. Participating in Jr hockey camps is a path to trying out for such teams. Robert, while being on the younger side for such activity, this is the year he should begin so he can be exposed to coaches and scouts...or so I have heard. Growing up in Minnesota, this whole Jr team business is very foreign...for in the "Land of Hockey" Minnesota kids' hockey path was playing Jr Varsity in middle school, High School hockey in high school and then tryingout/going on to play Div 1 or 3 in college. There was no Jr Hockey team talk. But I guess as long as my DH and my boys understand this foreign path, I am fine. Anyway, with them out of town my younger son and I have been hanging at the house. Most of the weekend was spent working in one or both of our stores, however I have spent the evening getting in some X's in the L*K Mystery Sampler. It is a slow and steady process for me as I am not use to sitting down more than 10 minutes at a time. But as of this morning I have basically finished the border of Part I (minus the long stitches, or what my dearly missed grandmother called "satin stitches"...just not sure I want to do these stitches until the end as I am afraid they might be messed up when using Qsnaps/hoop when I stitch Part 2). No pictures now because computer has travelled to Chicago and I can't seem to figure out how to upload photos to blog when I post using my iPad (anyone out there know if it is possible?). Hope you are having a good weekend. Thank you for surfing by! Until next time, remember... Live, love, laugh, and stitch often! Lisa


Penny said...

Being a hockey fan, I always kind of wished that my son wanted to play. :) Hockey camp sounds interesting!Lots of hard work I'm sure. Glad you have some time to stitch! Can't wait to see pictures. :)

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