Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy April...

No, this is not an April Fool's is actually a bad photo ( was a phone photo) of the status of my Family Sampler. Since my last post over 1/2 month ago, I have finished the dad/husband (or should I say: DH), the mom/wife (or should I say ME), and have started one of the sons. Except for some slight color changes of the boys' pants and shirt, I will make them the same size...even though one is younger than the other, but right now the younger one is now an inch taller than the older one. :)

Life here, while still busy as we balance ownership/running 2 stores and the activities of the 2 boys, we have found nice quiet evenings at home as the hockey season has come to an end (which is short lived due to some spring teams and development clinics that will start up soon). Both boys have taken up track for their respective school during the hockey "off season" where practice is right after school and the schools aren't far from home. Nevertheless, everyone has been home by dinner time and our evenings have been relaxed...and we have even been able to "hit the sack" around 9pm! Sweet Slumber!!!

Last week, my grandmother was back in the hospital due to being very dehydrated from some of the medications she was on. None of the family was in South Carolina at the time, so one of grandma's very best friends stayed with her in the hospital and reported her status with my mother and my 2 uncles. After 24 hours of hospital attention, things didn't looks so good. While grandma's mind is still sharp as a tack, her 93 year old body is showing more wear & tear after the stroke and seems to be shutting down. So last Thursday, my parents & sister from Minnesota, an Uncle & Aunt from Colorado and my other Uncle, Aunt & Cousin from North Carolina got on the next flights out of their respective states and headed to South Carolina to be with grandma. After some discussion between the siblings with grandma, the decision was made on Friday for grandma to be moved to hospice care and all meds to be now it is just a waiting game sort-of-speak.

Each group of family has taken the opportunity to spend the night in grandma's room...Friday night my mother and sister stayed. They said that when ever grandma was up & alert they shared memories of time in St. Louis at everyone's favorite restaurant Tony's as well as other special time. Laughs were also said to be heard coming from my grandmother's room...for we always find things to laugh about, even if we make fun of ourselves.

As sad as this time is, it is nice that grandma is surrounded by family and friends, and special memories and moments are being shared between them all. I wish that I was there, but I am very grateful that I had the time with her last month when I visited her right after she had the stroke.
One of the questions that has been ringing in everyone ears is:
"Why did Grandma survive the stroke on Feb. 7?"
for she was home alone that evening and wasn't found until the next day,
 laying on the ground of her living room.
I believe that things happen for reasons...I believe that grandma fought for this time and the time was given to her; time that allowed many of fly to the west coast, to visit, to hug & kiss, to share memories and laughs, to share more time!

I know that her time on earth is very, very short
I hope that her preparation for her next journey doesn't cause any discomfort
I know that grandpa is waiting for her and their reunion will be very happy...three years is a long time to be away from your soul mate!
I love you grandma!


Ok, without sounding like I am off my rocker...
Last night, as I was in & out of slumber, I heard an owl hooting outside nearby.
This is not uncommon for where we live, for we have owls, hawks, coyotes, turkeys and deer.
But this hooting owl was nearby and continued to hoot all night long.
This morning at 6am, before the sun came up, I tip-toed outside to see if I could see
where that owl was perched.
Little did I know it was on our roof
I saw it, it peek over and peered down at me and hooted.
My grandmother loved owls. She collected owls.


Until next time...remember,

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often


Catherine said...

Sending prayers to your Grandma and your family. And the owl part....I so get it!

valerie said...

Beautiful progress on your sampler Lisa. Prayers to you and your family during the hard time with your grandma. *hugs*

CalamityJr said...

I'll be keeping all of you in my prayers. But the owl messenger should bring you a great deal of comfort as well.

Cole said...

Sending thoughts & prayers to you, your Grandma and the rest of your family Lisa. Hugs to you.

Your family Sampler is looking great :)

I've passed a blog award on to you. Please visit my last post for the details :)