Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy March!

The time to relax is when you don't have time for it.
~ Sydney J. Harris

I guess you could say the same for just about anything...
the time to exercise is when you don't have time for it,
the time to stitch is when you don't have time for it...
the time to visit a relative is when you don't have time for it...
...because time Marches on and you might regret missing out

Since returning home from Quebec, it seems like I just haven't taken the time to get much done except work at our store and run the boys to hockey (yes, it is still going on). And, in addition to being busy, I have been fighting a very bad cold...which I finally took time out of my day on Tuesday and went to the doctor. I got some antibiotics and feel much better now, more human and more like myself!

But between not feeling well and going-going-going...I have found it more pleasant to sleep in thus throwing my morning exercise routine out the window. But it is time to get back on to the saddle (the saddle of my stationary bike and maybe even into the tennis shoes of my running). When I don't take the time for this activity, I don't feel 100%...and if I don't find the time to plop my big @$% on the stationary bike, I don't get to update my blog or catch up on everyone elses (for I blog while spinning...a little multitasking goes a long way!). No Spin...No Posting...Not a Happy Camper.

I have, believe it or not, taken out Family Sampler last week and worked on it. I am working on the middle section where the family is stitched. So far I have a dog and a cat stitched and am working on the husband/dad figure. I will try and get a photo of it up soon. Nice to have made time to take this out and reunite my hand with needle and thread!

Well, I am going out of town again. Leaving this morning for South Carolina. Right before I left for Quebec, I found out that my 93 year old grandmother suffered something like a stroke - her best friend drove to her house and found her laying in the middle of the TV room unconscious. Well, it has been several weeks since that occurred and my grandmother is in a rehab facility relearning how to speak, eat with her left hand and walk with the help of a walker. Her right side has been somewhat paralyzed and the event also affected her speech. She is doing fairly well at this time, but I guess one has to consider her age. When the event occurred, my uncle who lives in NC drove down to be with her and to make sure that she was getting good care. Being in the medical field, he was able to understand exactly what happened to her and relayed the information back to family and friends of my grandmother through daily emails. Since his departure, my parents have travelled from MN to SC and are there right now.

With the Quebec hockey tournament and Valentine's day behind me and a strong gut feeling to get to SC to see grandma, I purchased a ticket last weekend and will be flying out there this morning. It will be wonderful to see her and be with my parents, too.  I have been wanting to get out to visit her and wanting to take the boys out there...but there never seemed time to do it. Well, the boys might not be going with me this weekend, but I am grateful to be getting there myself! And I am glad that I didn't wait any longer to see grandma.

While I will be taking my iPad with me, I am not sure that I will have internet I will be absent another period of time. But please be patient with me!!!

Thank you for stopping by and remember...

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!


jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Go Safely and Hug Often
Be always in stitches

Handmade Redhead said...

Lisa, I hope you are having a safe trip and will find your Gma in good health and good spirits. I am glad you have tut some time out of your busy schedule to go see her. It'll do both of you good. :)

And there is NOTHING big about your @$%. I have seen it. :P But I am glad you are finding the strength to get back in the saddle. :)

Stitching Noni said...

Hope your gran is ok. Love your idea of blogging while on the exercise bike (oops sorry said that bad word - exercise). Think I will have to "borrow" your idea then I might actually use the bike a big more and decrease both the list of blogs waiting to be read & the size of my behind!

Carolyn NC said...

Hope all is well and your trip is safe.