Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mid-week already

Well, we find ourselves in the middle of the week and, while I don't necessarily want to rush it, I am glad that has arrived.

It has been a crazy week already - especially yesterday due to the visit of the washer repair man. Don't you just dispise the "window of time" that you get assigned when you set up an appointment with a service man? The four hour window - either 8am-12pm or 1pm-5pm - where you have to sit at home waiting for this person to come and determine what ails your appliance. Thank goodness that DH stepped in to be at home to wait so that I could stay at work in order to visit with my boss who was making her yearly visit to my office from the UK. DH arrived at the house at 1pm and waited...and waited...and waited. I got home around 3pm after picking up the boys from school and took over the "waiting station" while DH made a couple of fruit arrangment deliveries. Because I had to leave for the boys' hockey practice, DH came back to wait. Let's just say that this whole thing made for a very stressful sllituation, especially after I had called Sears and the local company they contracted to service our washer to find out what the timing status of the visit would be...

Me: "Hello, can you tell me when the repair tech will arrive?"

Customer Service: "Well, we send him a message to call you to give you an estimate."

Me: "That would be wonderful, but this is the 4th time I have called and asked for this information. Each time I was told that I would get a call back, but that has been 2 hours ago...I just want to know so that my husband and I can plan what we are going to do."

Customer Service: "Oh, madam, I apologize for this inconvience I will send another message to the tech to call. But you do know that he will be there between the hours of 1pm and 5pm."

Me: "Yes I know, but after being inconvienced since 1pm and sitting here at 4:30pm, it would be nice to know if he will be coming today before 5pm or if I need to make other arrangements."

Customer Service: "Yes, I understand...looking here it appears that there are 2 more appointments ahead of you and that he is still scheduled to be there before 5pm"

Me: "So, you are telling me that it is now 4:30pm and the tech still has 2 more appointments before he gets to me AND he is still going to be here by 5pm. This is definitely not good because my husband needs to be back at the store at 5pm, which obviously isn't going to happen is it - - - but I guess that is ok with you all because he will have "arrived" by 5pm, well within the window of time."

Customer Service: "So, do you want me to reschedule since this is obviously an inconvience...mmm...we can reschedule your appointment for next Monday."

Me: "You are kidding, right? We have waited here all day, waiting for this appointment which we scheduled a week ago - irritated because we have been calling to get the status of a tech who hasn't called back - stressed because it is close to 5pm and if we would cancel and reschedule we would have to wait another week to see the we will wait."

I left DH at the house when I had to leave with the boys for hockey...the tech finally showed up exactly at 5pm and diagonosed our washer as pretty sick :( It needed lots of new parts, which had to be ordered, which of course would take 10 days to arrive. So, we have a new appointment set up for Feb. 22...sometime between the hours of 1-5. AHHHH! Oh, well...we will deal - especially with trips to the laundromat or the neighbors is an inconvience, but it definitely is not the end of the world!

So, aside from this - I do want to announce that I FINALLY got Lori's ornament in the mail for the Ornament was due in the mail on or before the 31st. I feel so bad, as I don't like to make committments if I don't/can't follow thru. I am grateful that she and the group understand :) As soon as I hear that she received it, I will be able to show you what I created. The next one is due in the mail on/before March 31...I better to get thinking what I want to do and start stitching!

Hope all are doing well!
Take care and remember...
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!


CalamityJr said...

Sorry your day was so frustrating. Take a deep breath and relax now!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

sounds like your service providers are washed up.
Have a sparkling day Lisa
As always

Daffycat said...

Your story is so familiar, kinda like déjà vu...

This is why I never buy anything from Sears any more. Never, ever again. Their service and warranty stuff is sooooo bad. I'd much rather call my own repairman and go thru the manufacturers warranty!