Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How to keep expenses down during hockey travels

I'm still in LA and we just finished up a day with 3 hockey games. Matthew's team had a game at 6:15am and Robert's had two games: 9:50am and 4:30pm. It has been a long day, especially for Matthew and I who got up at 4am so that he could eat breakfast before leaving at 5am in order to be at the rink 1 hour before game time. Matthew's team lost...Robert's had 1 tie and 1 win.

Since we are housed in the Marriot from Dec. 25 through the 30th, eating out can get expensive. So, we have decided to enjoy one meal out while eating in our room for the other two. One meal, breakfast is easy to deal with - as there is a refrigerator in the room for the milk for the cereal and yogurt, which accompany the chocolate chip muffins. The other meal has either been a lunch or a dinner, which is what the boys are finishing right now. We figured out a way to warm up hot dogs in the coffee maker (innovative, huh?) and serve on hot dog buns along with canned green beans and some sort of fruit. Sounds silly, I suppose...but it does help save cost on these travel hockey tournaments.

Tomorrow we have about the same schedule...Matthew will play in his last game of his tournament at 7 am, then Robert will have two games: 9am and 4pm. In the evening, after Robert's last game we will enjoy a meal with his team.

I am enjoying my time with my two boys, but I definitely will be ready to go home Thursday evening. Keep your fingers crossed that Los Angeles traffic will not be too bad that evening :)

Well, take care and remember...
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often!


jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

hummm, hot dogs in a coffee maker,,,wow, not only are you a busy girl, you are also very creative... Good Luck with the rest of the tournament and have a safe trip back home, you know where you can resume your regular schedule of busy Mom.
As always

Susan said...

When I travel, I usually have the breakfast bar from the hotel (muffins, etc...) and a late lunch - the late lunch will tide me over for dinner, and if I need a snack or something, I've usually got something I've nabbed from the breakfast bar earlier in the day.

I agree with you, though - eating every meal out can get expensive, especially when you have a family of growing boys!

Sylvia said...

Brilliant! A coffee maker for hotdogs...that's incredible. For all of the years that we traveled with the boys' teams, I never once considered that.

I applaud you, Lisa.