Sunday, September 13, 2009


Last day of the weekend and we find ourselves with the typical Sunday Routine for our household...early morning hockey practice, followed by a mid-morning hockey practice...followed by last minute homework and then the afternoon nap before prepping for the upcoming week.

Yesterday, we woke up to a rarity in these parts of California - a thunderstorm. And it was one with a huge display of lightning.While Robert (old son) was eating breakfast in preparation for a Saturday hockey practice, I was at the kitchen table getting ready to put my finishing touches on the CindyMae models I finished. I just got out my sewing machine and arranged all the fabric...when out of the sky came a bolt of lightning and it struck the satellite dish across the street. Around the corner from our development there is a army base which has a satellite station on the hill across from our house. There are three satellite dishes, and the one that was pointing up must have attracted that huge bolt of lightning because it came right down and hit that dish, spraying sparks all over. Thank goodness that the ground was a little wet because it probably would have caused a little fire (as the grassy area that station is located is very brown & normally dry). The small storm stayed around for a little, only dropping a few sprinkles. 

When Robert and DH got back from the rink, we drove down to our local farmers market (the storm was done by 9am). This time of the year at the market is so beautiful, with all the colors of the peppers (green, red, orange, yellow, and combination) and the tomatoes, too. We purchased some fresh tomatoes (eating the cherry tomatoes while we walked up and down the street), green beans, English Peas (which the boys love to open and eat raw)and a loaf of fresh French Bread (also to munch on while walking). The farmers market can be like a huge buffet of fresh foods, because by the time you walk up and down the street, visiting all the booths, you can leave full. 

The rest of Saturday - we didn't do a thing. Robert worked on some of his homework and Matthew read. DH napped and I stitched. I finished up the "finishing touches" to the CindyMae models, which I photographed and emailed to her. And then I sat down to work on "Trick or Treat"...which I will post a photo of my progress later.

Hope the weekend is going well for you! Until later...remember to live, love, laugh and stitch often! 


Branlaadee said...

Lisa, your Saturday sounds perfect! The storm woke us up at 6:30AM. We had the most awsome sunrise during the storm. I'll post a pic or two on my blog Monday. I love lightening storms. Me and my dad would always go out on the porch and watch them..which being in CA, wasnt often. Meanwhile my mother would be hiding under the covers or in a room that didnt have windows. LOL

CindyMae said...

I just love Thunderstorms but can do without the lightening hitting so close!! See what working on my designs get you! LOL Just kidding! I so wish we had a farmers market around here like that. It sounds wonderful!